Durable Floor protector caps designed to stylishly fit on furniture legs such as chairs, desks, tabletops, and cabinets. Prevents noise and scratches even on delicate and noise-sensitive floors such as hardwood, laminate, or tile. Thermoplastic elastomer cap is easily stretchable, and therefore strongly grips onto furniture. Floor pads are specially designed to reach up to the sides of the cap, meaning they will never fall off compared to plastic and silicone-type caps with stick-on pads.Does not leave sticky residue and is reusable, easy to clean, and durable.

Premium Teflon Pads
Teflon, a new material more commonly found on non-stick pans, has supreme glide capacities and durability to deliver unmatched silencing effects and effortless furniture movement. Due to its smooth surface it does not collect hair or dust, making it easier for you to keep your space clean. Perfect for quiet spaces in need for more tranquility(Ex. bedroom, spaces for work or studying, nursery etc.)

Square-Shaped Body
Perfect for square chair legs. Size chart ranges from 21mm – 37mm.

Convenient & quick installation without damaging your furniture or leaving sticky residue. Durable caps have outstanding resistance to heat, chemicals, and water for longer use.

Minimalistic and modern design & color suits any room decor and furniture style. Choose from our reliable size & color chart to perfectly fit your taste.

Chair Leg Caps Floor Protectors Elastic Caps w/ Premium Teflon (Square / 4 & 16 Piece Multipack)
Chair Leg Caps Floor Protectors Elastic Caps w/ Premium Teflon (Square / 4 & 16 Piece Multipack)

[Chair Surfer] Premium Chair Leg Caps

Square / 4 & 16 Piece Multipack


Allow us to help protect your home & reduce stress.

Prevent annoying dragging noises, ugly dents on your precious wooden/tile floors, and easily slide your furniture around with zero headaches.

Our premium chair leg floor protectors, coming directly from our research lab in Korea, use state-of-the-art technology to ensure you a more effective, longer lasting silencing and protective effects for much less maintenance.

NO NOISE – Silences screeching, skidding noise
NO SCRATCH – Doesn’t damage hardwood/tile
EASY SLIDE – Glides even on thin carpets and cloth
Easy to install, but don’t fall off easily
Collect noticeably less dust & hair
Longer lasting, high quality material

Chair Leg Caps Floor Protectors Elastic Caps w/ Premium Teflon (Square / 4 & 16 Piece Multipack)
What is Teflon?
Usually found on non-stick pans, this new material effectively reduces friction between the surface of furniture feet with the floor.
It is our proprietary technology to cover not only the bottom of the cap but also halfway towards the side, so the pads don’t fall off easily even when dragged vigorously.
Teflon also has outstanding heat, chemical, and water-resistance which means it will last extra long.

Easy to Move


Chair Leg Caps Floor Protectors Elastic Caps w/ Premium Teflon (Square / 4 & 16 Piece Multipack)

ONE. Premium Teflon Pads

Now in brown to fit warm-colored interior designs, our teflon pads have enhanced glide capability. Along with improved silence, easier movement, and less abrasion- this also means your carpets, no matter how thin, will not wrinkle with furniture movement. Also, they will collect noticeably less dust and hair, keeping your rooms clean.

Chair Leg Caps Floor Protectors Elastic Caps w/ Premium Teflon (Square / 4 & 16 Piece Multipack)

TWO. Extra Adhesion

We use our unique technology to make sure the pads never fall off- the teflon material covers not only the bottom but also reaches halfway along the sides, making the pad almost impossible to detach.

You won’t have to rebuy replacement pads again and again, because only one will go a long way.

Chair Leg Caps Floor Protectors Elastic Caps w/ Premium Teflon (Square / 4 & 16 Piece Multipack)

THREE. Stylish Design

Our minimalistic design harmonizes with any room, both modern and cozy. Choose from 4 different designs, 2 pad colors, and up to 6 sizes to find the perfect match for your furniture. It can be used for any type and shape of chairs, desks, tabletops, cabinets…and more!


Chair Leg Caps Floor Protectors Elastic Caps w/ Premium Teflon (Square / 4 & 16 Piece Multipack)

How to Use

  1. Measure: Check the shape and size of the furniture leg, and measure the diameter.
  2. Clean: Wipe the bottom surface of each leg to ensure maximum grip.
  3. Install: Align each foot with the entrance of the cap, and pull the sides slightly to push it in.
  4. Check: Wiggle the cap to see if the product is loose.. and enjoy your silence!
Chair Leg Caps Floor Protectors Elastic Caps w/ Premium Teflon (Square / 4 & 16 Piece Multipack)

Why choose smaller cap?

The elastic body stretches to tightly grasp the furniture feet, providing sturdiness that cannot compare to silicone, rubber, or plastic caps. Choose a size slightly smaller(the diameter should be the maximum stretch) so that the retraction and friction works as a strong grip!

Chair Leg Caps Floor Protectors Elastic Caps w/ Premium Teflon (Square / 4 & 16 Piece Multipack)

For Maximum Grip

Make sure you wipe the bottom of furniture legs completely before putting them on. dust will reduce friction between the cap and the legs, which will make the caps fall off more easily compared to use on a clean surface.

From design to delivery– Chair Surfer focuses on delivering utmost convenience and comfort to help you fully relax at home.

With the help of our research lab in Korea, we continue to bring the best home improvement products to you while looking for ways to enhance your experience even further.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Dark Brown


21-22mm, 24-25mm, 28-29mm, 31-32mm, 36-37mm


4 Pack, 16 Pack

Pad Material


Glide Level


Leg Type

Square Leg

11 reviews for Chair Leg Caps Floor Protectors Elastic Caps w/ Premium Teflon (Square / 4 & 16 Piece Multipack)

  1. Judith Thorburn (verified owner)

    Wish I had found these years ago. I read the advice on the website about measuring my chair’s feet and those from other reviewers and ordered the 24-25 mm size. The legs are slightly rectangular, not a true square and the back 2 legs are a slightly different size than the 2 front, but the rectangular options were no where near the size of the chairs. I was tired of the stick-on felt products – they attracted every bit of dust and every hair that hit the floor and they never stayed on long. I had found a silicone cap and that was great at preventing screeching sounds, but unfortunately the chairs had to be lifted to be moved. (How that product could be called a glide is a mystery.) The Chair Surfer product allows the chair to glide easily and there are no noises other than my sigh of relief. I was able to get the caps on my chairs, but it’s a really tight fit, especially the back legs that are bigger than the front. My concern is that they are so stretched that they might pop off, so I’m going to try the next size up, as well. My chairs are light and the caps are dark, so visually they don’t look great on, but given the difficulty we’ve had over the years getting in and out of the chairs without loss of hearing, this is a nit. Regardless of which size winds up fitting the best, I am a grateful customer who intends to keep back-ups on hand for future use. Thank you for producing a great product.

  2. NW Adventure Rider

    They work on vinyl too

    Very nice, easy to install chair sliders. They work just fine on our vinyl floors.

  3. NJ fisherman

    Great fix for floor protection.

    Fits nicely on the chair legs. Just be careful, the chairs now slide very easily.

  4. Theresa W.

    Chairs are now so easy to move!

    Love how easy they are to install and use.

  5. Lenore S.

    Solved my problem

    Working great!!!

  6. Lisa T.

    It works !

    These actually worked the best ! Tried several variety’s . Would have preferred clear , but that was not an option . So easy to slide the chair out !

    One person found this helpful
  7. Allen Rue

    Chair socks were an irritant falling off my bar stools – these caps work great

    Our chair socks would constantly fall down when we would pull out our barstools onto the carpet off our hardwood floor. Although it’s good exercise pulling up chair socks almost everyday, I took a chance on these caps. They work perfectly. I still have the socks on the chairs, but they never fall down thanks to the caps. Make sure you measure your chair so you order the correct size. I have been using these for about a month now and I’ve had zero problems with the caps or the chair socks they support. I recommend these chair caps, but remember to measure so you order the correct size!

  8. UmFrumBahstin

    Nice welcomed glide across the hardwood floor!

    Before trying out these chair leg caps, I had been using adhesive felt pads which needed to be replaced once a year as they would wear out and become fierce duct and hair collectors. These teflon caps glide nicely and wipe up clean quickly. My chairs happen to have a weird shape at the bottom. The silicone chair caps seem to hold on well and have not once come off once. Time will tell and I will be sure to update my review if anything changes.I would definitely recommend these no tack caps for anyone with hardwood floors!

  9. jomebrew

    Fit snugly over the feet of my kitchen chairs

    Slid on with a little effort assuring me they will stay snugly covering my chair’s feet. Chairs instantly slid smoothly on the hardwood versus the scraping of the wood. These seem pretty thick and durable. It’s only been a few days but no complaints about quality.

  10. STG

    These Just Work

    Finding the proper size of these floor protectors was the hardest part of the job. I carefully measured the chair legs and ordered the size that matched the maximum stretch specification. I needed the “21-22mm square” design.They installed easily and snugly and glide wonderfully on my ceramic tile floor. They are made of a stiff but stretchy plastic / silicone. They show no signs of slipping off the chair legs or wearing on the floor, and just work. When I am sitting in the chair and need to move it, the Teflon® pads allow it to slide more easily than the original metal feet and I no longer fear damaging the tile.For such a simple product, I find these to be exactly what you would expect. They stay on well, slide beautifully, and protect the floor.

  11. Christine

    Worked Great For Us on Laminate Floor

    Used these for some dining room chairs that I gave my parents that were really heavy and hard for my elderly mother to even push along the laminate floor. I just made sure to measure the feet of the chairs first to ensure they would fit. The measurements of the product are listed here on the ad for it, along with how to choose your size. Basically choose the size that is the closest to your measurement of the diameter of the foot of the chair. Use the size that is the closest too, but just a litter smaller than your measurement. You don’t want to go with something that is bigger because the caps are made to stretch in order to fit snugly. So if you go with something too much bigger than your measurement you may end up with caps that will not fit snuggly, and instead fall off. My case was semi different due to the unusual shape of my chair’s legs and feet which I will get back to in just a bit. Once they arrive , which is quick, they are very easy to install. My father installed them with no issue at all in less than 5 minutes, no tools required. I got the square shaped ones due to the feet of my chairs being, well, sort of square shaped. These chair’s feet are very unusual due to the angle they sit at because of the very extreme curvature in all four legs of the chairs (as you can see in the photos). Therefore the shape changes, getting a bit wider as you go up . So in my case I actually went with the size that was almost equal to, but just a very small tad wider than the measurement I took. And presto, they fit! Many other options we tried had given us a problem. So that was a relief. They work great as well. There floor is laminate and they have no issues at all with the chairs moving along the laminate floor. My mom can now push the chairs with great ease. They are not an eye sore either. From a small distance they actually appear to be part of the actual chairs. My parents are happy and so am I. Well worth it, I just got done ordering a second set. Each set comes with 16 pieces, so if you have more than four chairs you will need to order a second set. Thanks.

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Chair Leg Caps Floor Protectors Elastic Caps w/ Premium Teflon (Square / 4 & 16 Piece Multipack) Chair Leg Caps Floor Protector...


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